About Western Challenge Real Estate

From their humble beginnings in 1990, Western Challenge Real Estate has been providing businesses and residents with an honest, transparent and ethical approach to the real estate industry. Over this time, we’ve developed a particular approach to real estate, and had the opportunity to truly understand the area. Operating right from the heart of Kwinana, we take it upon ourselves to not only provide a fair and professional service to the community but to get involved with the locals and develop longstanding relationships.

At Western Challenge Real Estate, our focus is on making every interaction and process as smooth and efficient as possible.  Whether you’re selling a property, putting it up for lease or looking to make a purchase, we’ll ensure that a guided, intimate and seamless approach from start to end is achieved. With properties spanning from popular holiday destinations such as Kalbarri and Busselton, Western Challenge Real Estate isn’t confined to just certain suburbs or regions.  We’re free to sell, rent and manage properties all across the western coast.

It’s the relationships that count

At Western Challenge Real Estate, we want to build lasting relationships with our clients.  Offering honest and helpful advice is a way that we connect on a deeper level, and assists in building trust. 

We want our clients to feel completely confident in our abilities, and at the same time, we also want them to feel comfortable with our approach.

Western Challenge Real Estate is very community focused as you will see by the director’s profile below.

The services that we offer to residents and businesses include:

  • Buying
  • Selling
  • Leasing
  • Residential Property Management
  • Commercial Property Management
  • Industrial Property Sales

Tim Overington

During my time here at Western Challenge Real Estate, I feel I’ve brought a wealth of knowledge to my role as Senior Property Manager and Sales Consultant. I am continually striving to ensure that a careful and professional approach is taken when dealing with and managing properties.

I believe that by looking after each property as if it were my own, I am able to invest the necessary skills and practices in delivering what’s best for our tenants and our property investors. This includes selecting the most appropriate tenants, obtaining a competitive market rental and ensuring the property is well looked after.

When it comes to investing in property, I always endeavour to make the process as streamlined and smooth as possible. Providing my clients with a seamless progression from selecting a property right up until receiving their keys is a service I’m constantly aiming to achieve.

“I’m a firm believer in a unique, personalised and professional approach with every client.   It’s not just about the service, but also the experience that you have with our company.”